History of the Prayer Breakfast

The United States of America began and has prospered through faith in God. Christ has been and is the foundation for this faith which has produced enlightenments, purpose, hope, mutual trust and cooperation. The breakfast groups were begun in the early ‘30s by a group of business executives and subsequently included leaders from various spheres of influence. Their purpose was to foster faith based on facts revealed in the Bible, verified in history and substantiated in experience. From that early beginning these groups spread into a national movement and are now active in more than thirty-three countries of the world.


Each group and each breakfast is autonomous, being tied together only by a mutual interest in the spiritual needs of the world.

In 1941 breakfast groups were inaugurated in the United States Senate and the House of Representatives. These groups have steadily grown and provide a fellowship and rapport among the members of Congress.

The Presidential Prayer Breakfast was inaugurated during the Eisenhower administration. This breakfast draws together
the members of the Cabinet, Supreme Court, Congress, Diplomatic Corp, the Armed Forces, and men and women from across our nation and the world who seek divine guidance. It is in this spirit we are holding the Orange County Leadership Prayer Breakfast. We truly thank you for uniting with us in prayer for our county.