Jeffrey N. Williams

Colonel, U.S. Army, Ret.

NASA Astronaut

Jeffrey N. Williams flew on Expedition 47/48, completing his fourth mission, making it a record-breaking mission aboard the International Space Station. He has now spent a total of 534 hours in space, giving him the distinction of having the most hours in space until 2017.


The Wisconsin native is a 1980 graduate of the US Military Academy at West Point. He and his wife, Anna-Marie (née Moore) of Newburgh, NY, have two sons and four grandchildren. After serving a three-year assignment in Germany, Williams completed a graduate program in Aeronautical Engineering and went on to attend the Naval Test Pilot School, from which he graduated first in his class in 1993. He was selected for the NASA Astronaut Class of 1996 and has logged approximately 3,100 hours in more than 50 different aircraft.


Williams retired from active duty in 2007, after 27 plus years of service.  Although retired, Col. Williams continues to hold a position at NASA. 



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While this book tells the story of Expedition 13 from Colonel William's perspective as flight engineer, it also gives us a front-row seat in the Space Station and allows us to look with him through the lens of his camera. 


A children's picture book for kids 3-10, The Work of His Hands for Kids offers photographs of Earth and space taken by Colonel Jeffrey Williams during his 534 days in space, juxtaposed with simple sentences that tell the salvation story and highlight God's awesome creation.   

During his six months aboard the International Space Station in 2006, Col. Williams orbited the earth more than 2,800 times and took more photographs of earth than any astronaut in history. Each photo contains lessons about God’s creation.


Col. Williams shares some of his photos in his two books, The Work of His Hands and The Work of His Hands for Kids. He has graciously agreed to make himself available for a book signing immediately following the breakfast.

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