The Orange County Leadership Prayer Breakfast Team appreciates your donation of any size.




To make a donation, click on the PayPal link above and choose the

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1.  Table Sponsorship:  Table Sponsorship is $350.00 and includes 6 seats to the breakfast.  If you choose this option, please visit our Table Sponsor page to register your table name and guests.

2.  Speaker Sponsorship:  The Orange County Leadership Prayer Breakfast Team takes pride in bringing you the most relevant and inspirational speakers.  


3.  General Sponsorship:  General donations of any amount are used to help cover the various expenses of the breakfast.

Use the above PayPal button for Speaker Sponsorship or General Sponsorships.

NEW!  We now accept                .  Send your Sponsorship money or donations to prayerbreakfastoc and use Verification Code 6326. 

You can also donate by mail to: 

Orange County Leadership Prayer Breakfast

P.O. Box 951

Goshen, N.Y.  10924

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