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Prayer Breakfast

Hosted by Steve Neuhaus
County Executive


If you couldn't make it this year, don't worry the Orange County Leadership Prayer Breakfast Team is already making plans for next year.  
Check back for more information.  

Meanwhile, check out these pictures from this year's breakfast.
(Special thanks to Photography by Torin)

This year's prayer breakfast was a huge success!
Keynote Gian Paul Gonzalez inspired all who heard.


Once again, it's our sponsors and donors
that make the difference.  
Check them out here!

Testimonials from Breakfast Attendees


"The Orange County Prayer Breakfast offers a wonderful opportunity in the tradition of our Judeo Christian heritage to come together as one for the singular purpose of praying for the County's leaders of all backgrounds and vocations."

"It's the one time a year that all community leaders in Orange County get together for an uplifting message."

Hon. James D. Pagones

"What impresses me most about this prayer breakfast is that it is a snapshot picture of what heaven is going to be like."

Orange County District Attorney

Dave Hoovler

Linda Muller

“Thank you, Steve Neuhaus, for starting this initiative.  We are very, very fortunate to live in the country we do, that we can have the freedom to pray... and pray we must!"

"The prayer breakfast in Orange County is important for all residents because it's one day that all politics and all personal agendas are put aside. We come together to find out what we can do to support every one of Orange County residents."

"It is a place we come unified and putting aside all differences, roles, politics and seek God's presence and the Holy Spirit's to give Orange County leaders cosmic wisdom, renewed strength, and increased joy for the work they do."

Dr. Craig Amnott

Janice Valentino

Pastor Jarrod Jones

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